2024 Columns

Help Wanted: Party Leader, Québec Liberal Party Urgent! Please Apply As Soon As Possible! by Brian Rock                                                                            

2023 Columns

Mid-winter barber advice: plenty to enjoy by Local (Barbier / Barbershop) Banter
Nostalgia and story-sharing a part of visiting the local barber by Local (Barbier / Barbershop) Banter
Freezing rainstorms: Forests decimated by Katharine Fletcher
Views from the local barber: treat others as you’d like to be treated by Local (Barbier / Barbershop) Banter
Spring’s beauty – and challenges by Katharine Fletcher
The women in our lives by Local (Barbier / Barbershop) Banter
The barber shop is always a great place to hear about anything and everything in Aylmer. Some of the stories we hear can be repeated and others are best not! by Local (Barbier / Barbershop) Banter
Father's Day by Local (Barbier / Barbershop) Banter
Wildfires spark fire bans, climate-change conversations by Katharine Fletcher
Local Banter by Alex Smith, Local Barbier
Green your summer by Katharine Fletcher
Local Banter by Alex Smith, Local Barbier
Incinerator in MRC Pontiac? Let’s seriously think about that by Katharine Fletcher
Time moves fast, love what you do by Alex Smith, Local Barbier
Appreciating George: enjoy the simple things by Alex Smith, Local Barbier
Fall routines & venting out with a trusted ear by Alex Smith, Local Barbier
Immediate Solutions to Consider to Confront the Shortage of Québec Qualified Teachers in Schools By Brian Rock
Canadian Nature Museum Open House: Research & Collections By Katharine Fletcher
Being thankful, autumn lessons by Alex Smith, Local Barbier

2022 Columns

Are we really headed to another Tyranny of the Majority that will last for the next four years + ? by Brian Rock
A Smorgasbord of Political Parties on the Menu for Anglophone, Allophone, & Indigenous Voters Come October 3rd by Brian Rock
Beech Bark Disease contaminates our forests by Katherine Fletcher
Year-End Report Cards on Bill 96: 90Q.1. & 90Q.2. by Brian Rock
Which Cabinet Ministers Have Been Entrusted with the Challenging Tasks of Improving Education in the New Year and Beyond? by Brian Rock
My New Year’s Hopes by Katharine Fletcher
Why the Next Minister of Education Must Learn What the Definition of Meaningful Consultation Really Means! by Brian Rock   
Looking great for the holidays by LocaL (Barbier / Barbershop) Banter

2021 Columns

Is There Anything At All in Bill 96 Anglophones and Allophones Support? by Brian Rock
Western Quebec Voters Deliver Four Liberal Seats; Prime Minister Appoints Western Quebec Minister? by Brian Rock
The Musings of a Québec Historic Anglophone by Brian Rock
Liberal MPs: Beware of Orange Crush 2.0 by Brian Rock
HELP WANTED! Seeking a Prime Minister of Canada as well as Regional Members of Parliament Who Really Care about Canada! by Brian Rock
Let’s give marine life and the ocean a brighter future by Nora Bernier-Pratt
We are not asking you to be perfect; we are asking you to try by Summer Roy Janis
“Freedom cannot be achieved unless women have been emancipated from all kinds of oppression" by Victoria Lewis
The Unjustified Lives of Women by Nelaa Thananjeyan
Problems, Implications and Ways You Can Help Bring Forth Change by Sawyer Woodstock
Bonjour, Hi! Is There Place for Anglophones in a Nation of Québec with French as the Official and Common Language? by Brian Rock
What is the Notwithstanding Clause? And Why Does It So Worry the Premier of Québec Regarding Laws 21, 40, and 101? A layman’s opinion by Brian Rock
Sexual assault victims and the law by Reuel S. Amdur
Why Covid Killed More English-Speakers by Gwynne Dyer
The Official Languages Act Must Continue to Protect Both Official Minorities in Canada by Brian Rock
We must protect French – but not at expense of English-speaking communities by Marlene Jennings